Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oar Power

It's amazing how many people, when they hear of my interest in building a dory, ask with their first question, "what type of motor will it have?"

The engines have arrived in the shop!  Via the Andy Hutchinson - Ned S. express from Dolores to Salida to COS.  Thanks guys!

Sawyer Smoker Drifters, w/o rope wrap or foam handle.

Starting to gather the leather, sinew, skills and knowledge, etc to wrap the oars.  Also thinking about painting designs.

Making the yearly batch of posole.  Mmmm, the house smells good.

And here's a pic of Kev and I flaming bamboo culms for the next set of bamboo fly rods.  Well actually Kev flaming and me offering support!  Pretty much similar to the time "we" installed the dory hand rails.