Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Handrails & Transom Art

First "we" installed the rear handrail.  Previously the teak was shaped and finished with LTV.

The rear rail was placed in front of the rear seat.  Both because it looks good there but also since the rear compartment is pretty tight and there's no room for knees if the rail is installed along the aft wall of the rear cross hatch.

 It was somewhere around here where we decided that one rail would be plenty. 

This installation was tough.  Fortunately I had a much more flexible assistant.  Kevo to the rescue!
Gonna have to give him some time on the oars.  Or maybe naming rights to the next dory?  

On second thought, as he was the originator of the Proud Mary (and subsequent bastardizations) name,  no.

I was getting sympathetic low back pain just watching and filming this!

The front handrails went on a little easier (more room in the hatch), but the angled screws going into each end piece took a little effort.  I even spelled Kev here to take a few turns on the screwdriver.

A couple more looks at the rails.  Looking good.

Then it was time to start working on the Lone Pine logo for the transom.

It was here I learned, after Google and Maps searches, that Kinko's is no more. Maybe this is old news to others here?  (This is, of course, assuming there actually are others here). 

So it was off to FedEx where we enlarged the .pnp file and tested it out for size and position below.  Thinking maybe a little higher?

Next plan is to use some type of adhesive vinyl or large masking tape to cut out a stencil which I can use to paint the logo on the boat.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Little Orphan

Back at the MBS, some final things are happening:

Cleaning up some drips and touching up the Jade Green stripes

Adding some more boat jewelry

Measuring and masking for the boat name decals

We used the "tape hinge" and "wet method" technique

Worked pretty well, no tragedies

Hola Huerfano!

Dartmouth Commencement

Yet another boat building diversion !

Mookie Bear graduates from college!

The family in anticipation as he begins to walk up to the stage 

The proud grandparents!

The bilge rats, all in attendance, with a new member!

Mooks was busy with several pregraduation "events" so we had to make do with his surrogate, previously used by his two dates to spring formal when he was unable to attend while at E's wedding.

Following the big event part of the family took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up in Montreal. 

We'll blame Google Maps, but had a nice visit to the Olympic Park and Botanical Gardens.

Back home Kev and I decided to enjoy the hot weather with two kinds of bike rides. Perfect Father's Day!

Briefly Back to Work

Before the next big event - Mookie Bear's college graduation.

More work sanding inside surfaces before adding the final LTV coats to the gunwales

A final pic from the happy married couple in Iceland

Some others have surfaced from the earlier bachelor party.

And a new toy appeared in the driveway today.  Might take up some of my boat finishing time in the near future....

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wonderful Break from the MBS !!!

Erik and Christie's wedding!  

We've added a new boatperson to the family.  Esp since it was so auspicious their engagement was on a Cataract Canyon trip.  And she said yes even after a swim in Imperial rapid and a follow up huge thunderstorm.

The bilge rats have gathered for the event.  Do not be fooled by the fancy attire.

The proud parents.

Vivian trying to convince Erik he would much prefer another family trip down the Salmon or Lodore to a yucky honeymoon in Iceland.

Boatmen wishing they could wear their Chacos. 

What is this strange groover device built into a wall?

Some of the typical guests at the reception (and future dory passengers).

First stop in Iceland.