Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wonderful Break from the MBS !!!

Erik and Christie's wedding!  

We've added a new boatperson to the family.  Esp since it was so auspicious their engagement was on a Cataract Canyon trip.  And she said yes even after a swim in Imperial rapid and a follow up huge thunderstorm.

The bilge rats have gathered for the event.  Do not be fooled by the fancy attire.

The proud parents.

Vivian trying to convince Erik he would much prefer another family trip down the Salmon or Lodore to a yucky honeymoon in Iceland.

Boatmen wishing they could wear their Chacos. 

What is this strange groover device built into a wall?

Some of the typical guests at the reception (and future dory passengers).

First stop in Iceland.


  1. Best post on the blog. Far more interesting than various pictures of boats. Should switch it over to just a wedding blog.

  2. It is only b/c you are one of my 3 favorite sons, and have helped with the dory construction, that I am not removing you from the future Grand Canyon invite list! :)