Monday, December 2, 2019

Starting a New Briggs

Finally, after finishing some shop to-do’s (and deciding to ignore the rest and just complete them when necessary), I’ve started building a new dory. This one will be a wood frame classic Briggs style and size.

Except I’ve already made some modifications on the lofting, moving station 7 and station 8 slightly aft and forward respectively to enlarge front cross by almost 3”.

Now I’m thinking about decking over the rear with no rear passenger compartment.

Meranti hydrotek marine plywood, picked up at Strait Lumber in Denver. Good folks at this lumber yard.

Stacked all of the 1/4” side panel sheets and cut the scarfs at one time. 

Rolling bevel - Cut the stem at 51 degree angles using my sliding saw with a jig and some clamps. Later I’ll plane down the chine end angle to around 45 degrees.

Then finished up with the frames for stations 1 - 10 in Port Orford Cedar.

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