Sunday, April 12, 2020

Social Distancing with my boat

Once dory is flipped over the real work begins. While it seems that we’re halfway done it’s more like when a house is framed and dried in.  The finish work takes well more than 50% of the time.

First cross bulkhead support pieces were added:

Followed by bow and sidewall cleats:

Sidewall cleats always look wavy and out of alignment, but are correct. 

And bulkhead plywood is trimmed to match cross pieces top bevels:

Seat braces and spare oar slot took a big chunk of an entire day!  Lots of crazy angles and cuts:

Then spent a few days planning water drainage, gutters and frames and hatch lid sizes and locations, esp various cooler locations (if used ):


  1. Nice! I've been watching! Very awsome apocalypse project! Do you like the frames better than stitch and glue? I've been wanting to do a andy boat but put off a little buy epoxy lol. Thanks for sharing

    1. Epoxy is gross. You definitely have to embrace it if you build a stitch and glue boat (which I have).

      I'm envious of Jon's project. I love all that wood!