Monday, January 25, 2021

Adios 2020

 With a grateful sigh we turn away from 2020.  Hopefully to never revisit anything similar again.  

One apparent benefit, all these quarantined Netflix-weary people have somehow stumbled across this humble blog.  I had no idea there was any dory building interest in Mongolia and Uzbekistan. And so many of them uncannily carry the same last name, Bot.

Socially distanced introverts, like me, can sometimes get things done in the shop, once those outdoor options go away with the cold weather.  Claro walnut spacers are added, then inner rail length is calculated  along the inner sheer, using the template measurement technique.  Side panels get a coat of Grand Banks Beige since it’s hard to get in there after gunwales are installed.  Gunwale scarfs are cut and epoxied  

Inner and outer rails cut and clamped into place, with every Highland clamp I own. Then gunwale bolt holes are drilled, using a level to help with alignment.  “Up, down a little, ... Go”.  With assistance from Michael.  Thanks Mooks!



  1. Awesome. Quick question, where did you pick up those inset nuts for the rails? I looked all over and couldn't find any. Thanks

  2. Security Fasteners grommet (sex) nuts. 1/4” x 20