Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sex Nuts & Thunderdome

The dory has been getting some new jewelry over the past few days. Little bits of progress here and there after work each day.

Gunwale rails rounded over and hand sanded. Next time I'm going to finish the edge profiles before I attach the rails to the boat.

Added the spacer brass bolts with sex nuts.  Using a clamped piece of wood to help with hole alignment.

Decided to go with the finish washers despite others saying they are a bad idea b/c they cut the wood and lead to rot, because they look good. Fashion trumps function.

I may leave the protruding bolts untrimmed - as defense from invading rubber-raft pirates.

Maybe something from Mad Max?

Finally, drilled out the recess for the oar tower shaft.

Looking good. Now I need to decide if stainless steel bolts are good enough or maybe go with something like silicon bronze which would match better.


  1. original mad max with mel gibson or new mad max with tom hardy?? important question.

  2. Original of course. No copy cat sequels. Shouldn't you be studying?