Monday, March 28, 2016

Flow Coat and Frames

After more thought, I decided to bag the router table option for making the hatch lid frames, and went back to my original idea of using my table saw, with rip and dado blades.

Worked great.  Now I wish I hadn't wasted all that time with the router table.

Shop smelled great with wonderful Port Orford cedar smell.

Frames are glued and ready for resin coat and installation.  After a little prep work under each hatch deck to remove the rough spots.

  Numbers written on bulkhead are reminders of the angle of each end cut, which I'll use again for the final wood frame bulkheads.  Range was from 5 - 20 degrees.

Flow coat was added to newly faired areas.

The Dory Dog shows no interest in going outside after the latest snowstorm, or helping with the boat in the garage.

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