Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Deck Painting

Time for the next coat of deck paint.   The white primer coat looks pretty, but will likely be way too bright on the water.  So on went a coat of Grand Banks Beige.

Of course, this was preceded by another round of sanding.

I cut out the foam seat and made the side rails while waiting for the paint to dry.  Will form the seat shape, and attach it to the deck later once I get oars, foot rest and bar all together.

Playing around with color options for the outside hull.  New lesson - don't go to Home Cheapo and pick up 20 different paint cards.  Too many options, plus color choices for marine paint are much more limited.

Edit:  I later learned that George Kirby can match pretty much any color.  Go nuts!

First coat of paint on the sidewall sheer edge.  Decided to match the interior color, but still thinking about some brighter accent color such as red or green.