Friday, September 2, 2016

Filling Space

Nothing much of substance to add to the blog right now, just filling some space while waiting for oars from Andy so I can do a final fit on the seat and add the foot brace and bar. Then she'll be pretty much done.

Once Cheryl finishes her painting touch up on the transom art.  You just can't rush artists...

Added a galvanized ring bolt to the transom, with a rope wrap to keep it quiet, and make it pretty.

Some dory shots on the Boulder Boat Works trailer, on the way to Wagner's Prop Shop to get some new, larger bunk guides to help keep the boat centered.

Side trip to the garden, where the beefsteak tomatoes are finally staring to come in.  Now, too fast and can't keep up with eating them.  Tough problem to have.  May have to give some away. Check out the beautiful Big Beefs, Goosecreek Blacks, and Pork Chops!

I drew some rough dimensions of the front and back seats to send with some pics to Jason at Wet Dreams for some seat cushions.  Originally was planning to just use paco pads but decided they would be too large and not fit well.

Here is a side pic of the original trailer chine guides.  With the relatively flat section of the mid-Briggs rocker, compared with a typical fishing drift boat, the guides didn't seem to be high enough to help keep the boat off the fender wells if it should shift during trailering.  Now, that would never happen on a trip such as a Deso put-in!  Right?

The pic on the right shows the brackets Chris made for me, compared to the old one.  I have some King Starboard, to add some padding, and square u-bolts on the way and then back on the trailer for testing.  Or hopefully, not.

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