Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trailer mods and Footrests

Finished up the trailer mods, with some new welded brackets for the chine bunk guides, adding some king starboard padding material.

Seat foam is set in place with wood rails, both for support and looks. I'll carve the seat shape and glue it to the deck with contact cement once I get the oars and can do a final fitting.

Built a footrest out of left over ash and Port Orford cedar (love that stuff). I may just go into the wood shop once a week and cut and plane some scraps so I can re-permeate the house with the wonderful odor.  And turned a foot bar from hard maple. These too will be mounted once I do the final fitting with the oars.

Passing by the dory's namesake on the way to South Fork, CO. Hello little Huerfano!

And finally, I found a Lone Pine flag at the Dartmouth Co-op. Might be fun to fly it off the dory sometime. But maybe a little too flashy and pretentious?  We'll see.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on a good looking project, and thanks for the methodical documentation.
    Any guesses on how many hours you have into this? I know it is probably painful to add it up but I've heard such a wide spectrum of estimates from experienced boat builders that I would love to see an actual tally from a first time builder.
    Thanks and good luck with the maiden voyage!