Saturday, April 8, 2017

Grand Canyon Dories

Since Plan A was going to need some rethinking, I spent most of the morning going around to the various Grand Canyon outfitters who provide food etc. for trips down the canyon.  Not sure if that's what we'll end up doing, but I've been invited on a Grand trip Sept '18, so I thought I'd check out Moenkopi, Ceiba, and PRO.  Nice guys all.

Then I headed over to Grand Canyon Dories.  It was a wonderful stop, they let me poke around the boathouse, take some pics, and answered a ton of questions about building, repairs, packing, etc.

The fiberglass repair room.

The Marble Canyon is the new Martin Litton tribute, made I think at least partly of Core Cell, so somewhat related to Huerfano.

Here's a shot of the repair kit list on the inside of a rocket box lid.

You've probably read about this one. Cool to see.

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