Monday, February 8, 2016


Spent part of Saturday and Sunday outside of Buena Vista with good friends. This was a somewhat questionable move as we had a similar get together two years ago when the Seahawks pounded us. Our Super Bowl history is either win (just twice) or get spanked. This SB Sunday started with a nice snowshoe up South Lake Creek with some great views of La Plata Pk., and Mounts Massive and Elbert.   Absolutely stunning.

Then back to watch the Broncos pull another one out.  Typical of the entire season, winning ugly, leaning heavily on the defense and special teams. Offense stats worst for any SB victor. But still a win. We'll definitely take it. Didn't even pig out too bad with the great food. Other than the second cookie. Maybe even a net even with the morning exercise. 

Then "enjoyed" the drive home last night with 40-50 mph winds and a ground blizzard across South Park. 

Just an epic day. 

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