Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Four Letter Word

No, not the ones I utter after slicing a finger on a fiberglass sticky or after mixing too much resin and watching it go off before it's used up...


...which is seriously getting in the way of fun.  And boat progress.  Plus it dumped snow over the weekend into Monday.  Nothing like another round of cold, snowy weather to keep me working in the garage and off my bicycle.  That is, when I'm not shoveling the driveway - four times now, can't keep up. Or Working (the other kind)...

After the weekend shifts I was able to get in a little production each day. The port outer gunwale went on.

Then I trimmed both sheer edges with a pattern bit and router.  Made a hell of a mess. Cabosil shavings with lots of static, stuck to everything and now tracked inside of house.  Not good.

Looks nice, just needs a little finish work and paint.

Followed by both the starboard, and later the port, spacer blocks.

 Highland clamps - "How did that interloper Bessey slip in among us?"

I'm starting test cuts to determine the miter angles for the inner rails. Was going to go ahead with the final cuts, but the untrimmed inner gunwales are too long to fit inside garage, and every time I opened the garage door half of the snow on the Front Range tried to come in.

And I started some of the milling and ripping of the Port Orford cedar for the hatch frames. Smells nice.

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