Thursday, February 11, 2016

Down Time

Another down time. Too tired or getting home too late to do much in the garage before or after work. Post adrenaline rush blahs from last weekend's Super Bowl.  Plus getting everything ready for our trip to Taos, Flagstaff, and Phoenix.  This means somehow packing one truck for skiing, bicycle for Cheryl, and taking my two dirt bikes and gear.  Plus any stuff I may take to give to Andy or Brad.

 Doesn't mean I haven't been "working" on the dory.  Doing lots of thinking (see "Contemplation") about how to do the hatch frames and hatch lids and where I want the hinges mounted. Plus I received my order for Minicell foam from Davey at Sweet Composites so I'm working out how I want to laminate and shape it for the boat seat.  Plus how to attach it to the deck.

Other items in consideration.  Teak hand rails for the front and rear passengers.  So I don't eject them when we hit a big wave or hole.  Hopefully.

Wood rails which attach next to the seat and help hold it in place.  Footbrace and toe rod - possibly considering an adjustable one.  Hardware mounting for all of the above. Oarlock stands - looking at how to bore, and hide, an extra set of holes so I can move each unit forward or back and make the geometry work for smaller rowers. Antiskid options for the decks.

This list seems endless.  Might want to rethink the "Horse to the barn" post.

I've been talking to Jason at Flagstaff River Equip (aka Wet Dreams) about a boat cover and seat cushions for the passenger compartments.

Gonna stop by and visit him on the Arizona trip.

Then there's painting. Turns out I have a family member of a friend who owns a paint shop and empty spray booth.  Hmmm.  He has offered to help me paint the boat, using his spray and safety equipment, if I get the paint.  He'll even help with his wholesale paint discount.  Two part polyurethanes are great for beautiful, hard, durable finishes but are difficult for an amateur and there's also the isocyanates issue to consider.  I stopped using nitrocellulose lacquer finishes in my wood shop for the same reason.  Very tempting.

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