Sunday, May 1, 2016

Boat Bling

Time to put on some shiny things!

First, some time down in the woodshop cutting the hatch hinges to length and drilling holes on 3" centers.

Piano hinges were then installed, #8 SS screws into the decking and underneath frames, and 8/32 SS machine screws into same size brass sex nuts inside the lids.  I think the brass sex nuts look really good with the lids open.  May just keep them open all the time to show off.

Southco latches were then installed and tightened, and a couple of the lids were slightly adjusted for fit.

Followed by some weatherstripping from McMasterCarr.

Finally, brass footman loops were installed into the four center hatch lids with 3mm cord to keep the lids open.  These seem too small to me and I'll probably go up to 4mm.

All to the background of my entire Pink Floyd collection, played on shuffle through Cheryl's new Bose wireless speaker, placed safely well away from the action. (She was out of town :)  )

Looks like a boatman board meeting.

All in all, a pretty productive Sunday.  Back to work tomorrow :(

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