Sunday, May 1, 2016

Masking and Anti-Skidding

Spent about two hours masking my deck for the anti-skid.  This took a whole lot longer than I expected ("just going out to the garage for a few minutes of work after dinner hon.."..........).

Then rolled on the Pettit Skidless compound Friday morning.  There are two ways to do this.  One, the "broadcast" method, involves rolling a wet coat on the taped off area, and then using a flour shaker or maybe a big salt or pepper shaker with big holes, add a layer of the dry powder followed by another wet coat on top.

Since I'm running low on Pettit Easy Poxy Grand Banks Beige and didn't feel like buying another $35 pint plus the $5 Haz Mat fee, I went the other route.  Plus the folks at Jamestown recommended it.

Just mix a few scoops of the anti-skid into the paint, keep it stirred up, and roll it on.  Simple and worked great.

Later, after another delicious Chipotle salad, I pulled the tape off and was pretty happy with the results.

A couple of days later, I knocked down the sharp edges on the entire surface with some sandpaper.  Otherwise it would have been pretty abrasive on bare feet.

So far the only down side, the Pettit one-part polyurethane takes a long time to dry and the surface is still pretty soft 3 days later.  I'm hoping some more time in the warm garage, and later (some day) maybe some baking out in the sun will finish the cure.  So far we've seen very little sun since March in Sunny Colorado.

Still waiting for the 8" of snow to melt so I can get into the veggie garden beds and plant the cool weather crops.

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