Saturday, May 14, 2016

Newport & Jade

Sounds like a street intersection.    Not too far from Hollywood and Vine.  Or for you Dylan fans, the mythical 56th and Wabasha.

Time to actually lay down some color on this boat.

It was a nervous morning when Kev and I finally started this.  One, to see just what the colors would look like.  Two, to determine if my undersurface would look like the '55 Chevy, or maybe closer to an orange peel. And three, because neither of us had any boat painting experience and to look at the results of my attempt to repaint our bedroom, saving significant Chipotle change, things were less than promising.

Anyway, on went the Pettit Off-White and George Kirby Newport Green (which they matched for me),  contrasting very nicely if you ask me with the Jade Green striping.

Kev rolling and me tipping. And then trading off, depending on who needed a low back break.

Cheryl's car is out of the garage.  She moved it not trusting us to confuse it with the boat  :)

More after the first coats dry.