Sunday, May 1, 2016


Back from a week on the Bighorn fishing. Saw lots of drift boats, but all Clacka, RO, and Hydes. Would have been fun to take my dory down the river fishing. Not ideally set up, but I'm sure we would have gotten a lot of comments.  And with all the rain and snow we had, a decked boat would have been nice.

View from the cabin one night.  Pheasants cackling everywhere, Geese honking, Sandhill cranes making their rusty gate sound (not sure how else to describe it).  

Several important decisions have been made despite my lack of presence in the garage. The dory design consultants are always at work. Looks like we're going with the Newport (teal) Green/ dark (Dartmouth) green pinstripe combo. And will have a Lone Pine logo (also from Dartmouth) on the transom. Kilroy is out. This has all been influenced by the heavy Dartmouth-weighting of the design members, Cheryl bringing her Southern Belle style as the lone exception.

But the name will be Huerfano, which is solely Western (always capitalized as I tell my kids). As I mentioned earlier, it has special meaning to our family plus I like the concept of "the little orphan" which best represents my boat, built without any close antecedents.

A picture of the Huerfano through a car window shows why the Lone Pine will be much more stylish on the transom than an amorphous pile of volcanic rock.  The Huerfano is special to us but not especially pretty.  Kind of like my boat.


  1. The Huerfano!!! This was my vote all along! I'm promoting myself to lead design consultant

  2. It's a democracy Viv. Your self promotion will require a vote.