Saturday, May 14, 2016

Taping, Masking, and First Stripes

We're back! for more updates on Painting the Hull.  Prior to taping I measured and marked the outlines for the diminishing white stripe.

Diminishing b/c it looks best for any wide stripe to taper slightly in width as it goes from bow to stern, since the width of the side panel near the bow is much taller than near the oarlocks and transom. In my boat roughly 31" vs 24".

I learned this trick at the Briggs class and also from Brad’s blog. 

I wanted a 6.5" stripe in the front, which should fit the boat decal letters I've ordered from A&B Sign.  The Huerfano decal will also taper, to match the proportions of the white stripe, from 4 5/8' near the bow to around 4" at the stern end of the decal.

The formula for calculating this is pretty easy, just measure the max side panel width at the bow vs. the preferred width of the white stripe at that point and determine the conversion factor.  In my case .2096.  We'll call it .210.

Having recovered from these difficult and tiring math calculations (trip to Chipotle for salad and Arnie), I marked the centerline of the lower of my two Jade (Dartmouth) green pinstripes, which will outline the wider white stripe.  And then painted two coats of the green on the boat.

It was not much later when someone gently asked me, looking at my painting work, if maybe it would be better if I hired a professional painter.  Or at least one with more skill.

Not to worry, dory blog friends (I use the pleural hoping perhaps there is more than one still out there).  There's a method to my madness.

Once the green pinstripes dried, I covered each stripe with some Frog Tape of the width I wanted the final pinstripe.  Then taped and masked the rest of the side panels, transom and bow for the Off White and Newport Green layers.

The Dory Design Team went around and around on how to handle the bow post and transom.  For now this was the compromise.  We'll see how the first round of paint looks since it's easy to make some color changes here if we don't like it.

Things are moving forward.  I've almost forgotten the recent sanding prep work.

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