Saturday, January 9, 2016

Birthday Party

The new shipment of Resin Research epoxy arrived yesterday

-  and for my birthday celebration I am ......


The final bottom layers of Kevlar, Innegra, 10 oz. S-glass, and Xynel went on.

With excellent help from my assistant Kevin.  This time we did each layer consecutively, while the previous one was still wet.  With fast hardener.  Things got a little hectic for a while.

The Xynel was a rec from Davey Hearn at Sweet Composites, as a very tough outside layer which resists abrasion. It was very thin, only about 4 oz and took almost no resin, so I said, what the heck.

Davey and I were roughly the same generation of east coast racers - he in C1 and I in K1.  But I never saw the podiums and medals he routinely won. And he was with the CCA club out of DC and I was with the Dartmouth Ledyard crowd. In fact, about the only thing we had in common was we were in boats floating on the water.  He's been a big help with advice about various fiberglass cloths although he admits he's never been involved in a dory build.

Next up is fairing the sides and a bottom flow coat/Cabosil/graphite mix.

Then, I'll just have to round up the usual suspects to turn the boat back over. There has been a definite absence of visitors to the MBS since the last turning.

Seems like that would be a nice B-day present.

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