Friday, January 29, 2016

Gunwales - part 1

My highly valued asst Kevin and I pre-fitted the ash gunwales to see how they would dry bend before I scarfed them.

Things went well and they really make the dory start to look like a finished boat.

Lots of tension on the clamps near the bow and stern bends. Highland clamps (thanks for the idea Brad) are much better than the cheap Irwin ones at the big box stores. And about the same price in bulk.

Some calculations for 8:1 cuts for the scarf joints:

And came up with a jig for my chop saw and cut the gunwale scarfs.

Worked pretty well, just a little tear out at the ends. Next time (insert another laugh) I'll try to come up with a different way that can add a sacrificial piece at the end of the cut, but I couldn't come up with a safe, easily clampable way with the way my Makita fence moves for the angle.

I would have preferred to use the band saw but it would be pretty hard to control 12' sticking out the other end. Plus more importantly I had space issues again in my shop with that long of a board.

After a little clean up with the hand plane, I glued them up, taking up pretty much all of the garage with the 22' boards.

Final project for the day was to mark the inside edge of the sheer line for the long oarblock and each of the spacer blocks, plus the longer spacer pieces at the transom and bow. The one at the bow will be a long taper, which I'll probably cut on my band saw with a jig.

Now it's off to watch the Broncos hopefully beat the Patriots. Gonna be a tall order.

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