Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fairing, Part Deux

There's no nice way to put this, or to gild the lily -  fairing sucks.

And whoever said sanding phenolic microballoons is easy is nuts.

Plus I've shoveled the driveway twice now, in order to be able to push the boat outside so I won't get sanding dust on my wife's car.  It was only after the second trip that it actually occurred to me there was an easier option, just move Cheryl's car out of the garage.

Probably a good thing, since the ventilation is much better outside and it keeps the rest of the MBS (Marland Boat Shop) much more dust free. Just a little chilly.

My initial plan was to fair the entire surface of each side panel.  This quickly changed to just hitting the high and low spots and rough areas.  Once I see how it goes I may return back to do the rest of each panel, but more likely I'll just hope for the best with the final flow coat and live with the outcome.

It's a boat, not a painting.

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