Sunday, January 3, 2016


Here I am mixing up another batch of Resin Research 2040 epoxy and fast hardener.

I chose to measure by weight rather than volume, since it is likely more accurate and possibly faster. Plus I didn't want to spring for the expensive pump mechanisms.

Here's another pic of the 1 :  0.45 ratio spreadsheet for brainless mixing.

I have many of the combos memorized by now, but by far my most common number is 580.

400 gm. of epoxy and 180 gm. of hardener, which fits perfectly in my larger cups. I've made countless of these.

Since the boat's been turned over, the limited chunks of free time b/w work and holiday events have been spent glassing the hull bottom and sides.

Biaxial 1708 25 oz cloth on the bottom and sides. Plus Kevlar seam tape on the chines:

Followed by Innegra on the side panels.

Today some 8 oz S-Glass went on the sides and now I'm on hold, out of resin until another shipment is sent when the factory reopens after New Year's weekend.

Waiting.    Very patiently.....  My dory is getting lonely....

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