Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas, Bow Monkeys, & Bilge Rats

The family has returned for Christmas!!!!

All four kids plus Erik's fiancee, Christie.

We're very happy to have them home again, as always.  Christmas is my favorite time of year and the house just seems fuller, back to normal, with them here. Plus all of the great food - for many year's we've had a family tradition of each person being in charge of one or two special dishes.  Michael (King Bing) on the bing cherry salad.

Erik on the bourbon chocolate pecan pie.

Kevin with the sweet potato casserole.

and Vivian ditching her famous squash soup recipe for a new cranberry concoction.

Cheryl is always in charge of the main dish, and I'm of course the head taster and meat carver.  Seems fair to me.

Plus Christmas brunch with french toast and bacon made by Christie and Erik.  Yum.

On a much less important note, I had been pushing hard over the week leading up to the holidays to get the top decking done, with filleting and seam taping, to have the boat ready to turn over and start working on the hull - since there would soon be several very able, strong bodies to help!

Discussing the kids, and reminiscing on past trips with them, reminds me of a recent discussion of the proper terminology for front passengers.  Kevin and Vivian were fellow travelers on our first private trip down the Main Salmon two years ago.  Pretty hard to top that one. Since then we've had the great fortune to run several other rivers including Rogue, Lodore, Deso (twice) and Cataract.

It seems to me calling my fellow high siders "bow monkeys" is somewhat derogatory.

Bilge rats is much better, don't you think?


  1. Just ran across this Blog and how bout that Seven Falls! I'm assuming your a local C. Springs guy which is awesome. I just started my decked dory build myself and its been nice to look back through your blog and collect ideas or look at a series of pictures to understand the process. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Joshua. Yep we're in COS. If you're around here drop by and say hi. The MBS is listed in the Yellow Pages.

    Actually, not. Just joking but you can send me contact info and I'll tell you how to get here. In fact, we're having another boat turning party very soon if you want to join! 😳

    1. That would be cool. I'd love to take a look at the build and if I'm around help with the boat turning. Shoot me a message at joshuablkj "at" I'm especially interested in seeing how you have set up your compartments and drains. That part is still a little baffling to me.