Monday, December 7, 2015

A Fairly Abrasive Day

Sunday I took my boat outside for her first view of the sun.  Getting a little tan on a nice but cold day.

Then it was on to some sanding.

And then more sanding.

For something different, after lunch we did a little more sanding.

I must admit I really like my Makita 9227 polisher/sander.  Generally used for auto body work, with a soft sanding pad and soft start, it kicks butt for sanding large areas.

Later in the afternoon, I moved her back inside to warm up in the garage and applied the first coat of the fairing mix, with resin and microspheres to a few (less critical, hidden) areas to learn how this goes.  Still not sure how to best do this but will clearly learn and get better over time. At least, that's the plan.

For now my first impression is it take a lot of resin and fairing mix to cover much area, when using a squeegee.  Greg Loehr is going to be happy with another 6 gallon Resin Research order. I may try a notched squeegee for another test.  May also just add the fairing mix to the low spots or edges where pieces of fiberglass cloth overlap, rather than doing to entire inside of the boat.

It is also possible I may just decide that no one will ever take a very close look at the inside of my hatches, and bag doing any real fairing inside those.

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