Monday, December 7, 2015

Richter 5.5

Careful viewers might have noticed there's no fiberglass sheathing on the spare oar pocket Core Cell.

That's assuming there actually are any careful readers out there.

Or readers for that matter.

Anyway, I missed it too. And I had a much closer look. Actually lots of looks. Gonna have to add some glass on each side now. Glassing the undersurface is going to be a real bitch.

10 oz. E Glass added to top and side layers.

Assuming this accumulates onto the previous oar pocket Mistake, the Richter scale for Mistake #5 has increased to around 5.5.  Some windows broken and a few cracks in the foundation but California hasn't fallen into the Pacific yet.

Still plenty of opportunities for some serious plate shifting however (transom and bow post cuts, gunwale drilling,  hatch lid plunge cuts, trimming the bottom panel and drain pipes, painting, etc).

Moved on to something new and different. Surfoaming. Every fillet edge and seam tape needed to be rasped down to avoid a new round of cuts and puncture wounds from the sharp edges. Big fun.

I must be the only guy on Amazon who has batch-purchased several replacement Surfoam blades. They look kind of like cheese graters without a handle. I've worn out my first one and there's no way to even contemplate trying to sharpen it.

I briefly visited the basement just to look at the stack of wood there, waiting to be milled and installed.

And then took a break and marked a cardboard template for the bow hatch with my dividers. Gonna be fun with the curved sides, and the 55 degree side and 70 degree bow bevels and the 115 degree rear edge. There is almost no straight edge or 90 degree angle anywhere on it.

No replies yet on my CL ad for a dwarf filleting expert.

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