Monday, January 25, 2016

Boat Color program

My color consultants (Cheryl & Kevin) scheduled a meeting to finalize the boat colors.

Actually, we all went to Chipotle and looked at some options on my iPad.

After several frustrating attempts, where they were clearly on the same page discussing the various color options, and I was out to lunch, figuratively and literally, Kevin came up with an idea to draw up some ltd images with a paint program.

I wanted to try to stay true to the original Grand Canyon Dories colors, Willys Beryl green, Cadillac Aztec red, and refrigerator white, (due to my earlier mentioned connection with Martin Litton and dories) but somehow not reproduce another boat that's already out there. Prob not possible since there are only so many options with two colors plus white. I wanted the dominate color to be green, and preferred the main stripe to be white which would look best with my color choice for the boat name letters. I like the gold ones with a thin black outline best over other options such as white or black.

This view is a three quarter one from the rear showing the transom as well. We've added a second red pinstripe, which I like as it seems to frame the white stripe and the boat name decal, once added. How we'll do the trim painting on the transom is still in discussion. Not too crazy about the first draft there. The tan color along the sheer edge is the gunwale which I'll keep the natural ash color with an oil/varnish finish.

Cheryl prefers a boat with more green on the sides, but a bold red stripe containing the name. Something like this one with ML at the helm:

Perhaps a little too colorful for me, but we'll see.  I would still prefer the gold letters over the white ones.

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