Saturday, November 21, 2015

Back to Glassing

Heading home from Gunnison.

Back to work. 
Got back from my road trip and, after walking the Dory Dog, settled in for some more glassin'.  

It's occurred to me that I could almost use the same pic for showing the production of the last few days.  Sure doesn't look like much has changed.   But these are new ones, after adding the inside bottom biaxial layer, at Andy's advice.  I had skipped this step, worried about it leading to Mistake #5 while trying to do it by myself.

1708 Biax 25 oz. cloth with mat is thirsty stuff!  I nearly used 1/2 gallon of resin on just this single layer. Also, would have been much tougher without the metal laminating roller tool (looks like a stack of coins on a bar) to get the cloth wetted out and major bubbles out. Thanks for the tip Greg! Folowed by a LOT of squeegeeing. At least this removed a good part of the excess resin, and weight. 

I still have to use the 1708 biax for the outside bottom later.  Maybe by the time I get there I will have forgotten what a pain it was. 

I've worn several pairs of the Crocs Specialist Rx shoes for a while now.  Definitely on the low end for style but they make my turf toe and plantar fasciitis feel a lot better.  Looks like these ones are joining the jeans in the shop-only pile.

I may try some acetone (works great cleaning the metal rollers) and see what melts first, the dried resin or the shoe rubber.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the bulkheads.

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