Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bulkheads & Tomatoes

Another day, another chance to play with resin.  I'm really looking forward to working with the wood framing and decking coming up pretty soon.  I posted a comment on Brad's blog saying how jealous I was of his wood boat, which looks great.

BTW, I need to stop looking at his blog.  My typical week has 5 or so pics per day, which, by the week's end, show the "bottom is glassed" or "the bulkheads are in".

Brad's, OTOH, will have one pic per day which says, "we scarfed the bottom and sides, added the frames, decking, hatches and gutters, glassed and flow coated everything, set the gunwales, and flipped it over for the bottom and side paint.  Doesn't the proportional pin striping look good?  And afterwards, took down the next project from the loft......."  Just amazing progress.

Today, I filleted and seam taped the bulkheads.  Yep, that's about it.

Amazingly, the boat still eyeballs pretty straight.  The carpenter's levels show the same too.

Friends coming over tonight for steaks.  We finally checked the paper bags where we put all of the "hopeless" green heirloom tomatoes we were unwilling to throw away, and, lo and behold...

Just beautiful Gold Medals, Yellow & Red Brandywines, and Goosecreek Blacks.  Woo hoo!!

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