Sunday, November 29, 2015

Footwell Installed, On to the Seats

I added some risers on the bottom of the footwell box, about 10" off the floor with a slope from back to front.

Then installed some side panels which will serve as the inside bulkhead support for the side hatches.

Then filleted and seam taped. Was a tough and messy job, as you can see on the boat floor before I cleaned up.

The front and rear seats and seat backs were then measured and cut. Since everything is just a little off from my plan dimensions by now, I used cardboard templates and compass dividers to scribe a final cut line on the Core Cell. My supply of big enough foam pieces is almost out, so I got one shot at getting each right.

Each seat has a 2 degree slope to drain water off the seats into the passenger footwells.  Two degrees equals a 0.4" rise over a 12" run, so approx 1/2" or a little more for my purposes.

After rough measurement and dry fitting, seats and backs are glassed.

Ruby was absolutely no help today.

Final thoughts for today - while I'm really looking forward to getting back to wood working (my decking and hatches will be 3/8" hydrotek and frames Port Orford cedar), I need to buff up my use of the compass and tick stick. With the Core Cell it's pretty easy to sneak up on a measurement, using a utility knife to shave and bevel an edge to the right fit. Not so with plywood, where the dimensions and bevel angle need to be pretty spot on.

For instance, the bow hatch where there will be nothing but compound angles and damn few straight lines for reference.

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