Saturday, November 14, 2015

No Reason to Panic

So I placed a call to Andy who said after looking at my pics that things looked ok.  I just needed to build in the rocker, lifting up the bow and stern. 

 Added some 2 x 4's across the bottom at several points and attached the bottom panel to them with dry wall screws and fender washers.  Lifted up the front and back with some smaller ammo cans and wood shims.

Then I added some smaller side pieces and attached them to the larger boards.  This took several runs to get the offset exactly right for the side panels to line up with the bottom.  Then I screwed some more screws through the side panels into the short 2 x 4 blocks.
It's a boat!  But it needs some fillet work to fill the gaps before it will float.  At least for very long.
 Nevertheless, I'm really pleased with how things worked out and the way it looks.  The sheer and flare look great to my eye, and it looks pretty symmetric.   The bottom bulkhead marks are a little off the side ones but not enough to matter, since I'll remeasure and re-mark them all anyway.  It is becoming apparent that the bulkheads in the plans (coming soon) will also need some individual adjustment to fit my boat but that's to be expected since we modified the double ender plan.  Plus, of course, I'm building it.

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