Monday, November 30, 2015

Road Kill

I've been looking at the transom a lot lately.  It's there no matter how much I try to avoid focusing on it, kind of like road kill on the side of the highway.

Every now and then, I'll dabble a bit with it, thinking about drawing the top arch and how to cut and build the removable piece for using a motor mount. Today, after this pic, I used my trusty Surfoam to smooth the edges b/w the side panels and back of transom, which are now pretty fair.

Plus,  I need to be spending some more time on what may be the most important feature of the boat.  I'm speaking, of course, about the all-important transom art.  Could there be anything more important than what type of design or drawing I'll be adding to the back of my boat?  Fashion certainly once again trumps function here.

Here's a wonderful montage of other's rears (boats that is) I found somewhere on a blog or web site (can't remember).  I'll be glad to attribute the photographer's name to this pic if someone knows whose it is:

But mostly I'm thinking about how much of a pain it will be if I screw up the arch cut, and how to do it (circular saw, recip, jig saw, Japanese hand saw? I'm pretty sure my table saw is out).  I'm holding off for now since I'd rather have the extra material on top to protect the transom, and side panel edges (or gunwales if I install them first), when I turn the dory over for hull prep, glassing, sanding and painting.

So the transom cut will have to hold off for a while.  But it's never far from my thoughts.

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  1. Hey Jon,
    I saw this and thought of you:

    Also, check out the transom art on the Marble Canyon.