Saturday, November 14, 2015

Starting Up - No Really

The plans have arrived!  A set of two full size templates of the side and bottom panels, in thick butcher paper lined on all of the edges with layers of green masking tape, plus some extra reinforcing tape.

They are covered in instructions and notations, including some estimates for modifying the stern to add a transom. And marked with lines for bulkhead placement.

Also included is a booklet of step by step instructions with lots of hand drawings. I think my favorite is one of a worm drive circular saw. Anyway, the booklet seems small until you start reading it. Then once again, more carefully. It's packed with info and each time I reread it I find something I missed on an earlier run.

Here's one more pic, just for an example. I'll not post any more of these since its Andy's work and I want to respect that.

Core Cell side panels lined up for butt joint with high tech weights to keep edges aligned. Cheryl was out of town so I commandeered her garage spot also. This is the second set. I learned from the first run that wax paper under the joint is a good idea as foam will epoxy to concrete. 

Mistake #1. The first of many. 

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