Thursday, November 12, 2015


I'll babble on some more since I still can't figure out how to actually add pics to this blog.

I didn't start this project in a vacuum. Far from it. There are countless sources of info for boat building, and lots of them directed to whitewater or fishing dories.

Too many in fact. I tried to read/watch them all. Damn near succeeded too. And it has taken me about 4 months to get off high center and actually start building.

TMI -  Did you know there are about 5 ways to use power or hand tools to cut a scarf?  Endless methods to shape and frame a traditional wooden built dory. Then there's stitch & glue building. Marine plywood core vs Plascore vs foam. Core cell or Divinycell. Myriad glass layup options - 1708 Biaxial + mat,  Triaxial, E Glass, S Glass, Xynole, Innegra...  Kevlar.  Drain a boat to the bottom. Or the side. Or with bilge pump. Cooler as a seat?  Traditional Briggs vs wide bottom Briggs vs McKenzie?

I've had arcane conversations on the phone about brass sex nuts, or microbaloons vs microspheres, and spent two days in Maine looking for oval head 3.5" brass or silicon bronze slot head screws.  I'm not making this up.

Got to mention lofting. I've read at least 7 books which include chapters on it (Chapelle, Steward, Rossel (two), Fletcher, Devlin, Payson) and I'm still not sure exactly what a diagonal is.

Information overload and I haven't even gotten to paint & finishes yet.             Thank God.

But for now I'll just post my thanks to those who have pointed me down the right road. Their help has been generous, invaluable, and greatly appreciated:

Andy Hutchinson. High Desert Dories
Brad Dimock.  Fretwater Boatworks
Greg Loehr. Resin Research
Davey Hearn, Sweet Composites

Others I'll mention only by first name since they either don't have a public web presence or commercial connection or I haven't received permission to completely name them - Mark, Jeremy, Ryan, Larry, Roger.

Forums Woodenboatpeople and Montana-riverboats.


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